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Books on Dr. Kotnis

Abbas, Khwaja Ahmad. And One Did not Come Back! The Story of the Congress Medical Mission to China. Bombay: Sound Magazine, 1944.

Basu, Dr. B. K., Light on China: Call of Yanan Story of the Indian Medical Mission to China 19381943, Edited by Manjeet H. Singh. Sketches by David Olivant. Foreign Languages Press Beijing, 2003, Hardback 420pp 235 x 155mm,ISBN 7-119-03476-6

Gao Liang: Dr. Kotnis. A Short Biography. New Book Centre, Kalkutta 1983.

Kotnis Mangesh Shantaram: The bridge for ever. A biography of Dr. Kotnis. Somaiya, Bombay / New Delhi / Madras 1982.

Guo Qinglan: My Life with Kotnis. Manak, New Delhi 2006.

Sheng Xiangong, Jin Hede: Dr. Kotnis in China. Dolphin Books, Beijing 1987.

Hn Haishan (Ed.): Ke Dhu zi Tng Xin. Hbei rnmn chubansh, Shijiazhuang 1992.

In Films

The story of his life was the subject of a Hindi film with the title Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani (1946, English: The Immortal Story of Dr. Kotnis), scripted by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, and directed by V. Shantaram, who also portrayed Kotnis in the film.

His life was also the subject of a Chinese film Ke D Hu Di Fu (1982, Dr. D.S. Kotnis), with a screenplay by Huang Zongjiang.

Books on Dr. Kotnis

Books on Dr. Kotnis

Books on Dr. Kotnis

Film on Dr. Kotnis