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  • "Dr.Kotnis Memorial China"

Dr. Kotnis in china

• Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis is well known international personality in China and India. The China government always remember dr. kotnis help to Chinese people. China established medical vocational college and memorial on name of dr. kotnis.

• Shijiazhuang Kefuhua Medical College Website : www.sjzkdh.com

• The Kejiahua Medical College in Shijiazhuang is a special institution that trains nurses as the backbone. The college was established in May 1992, at the time of Ke Weihua. The 50th anniversary of the death of the doctor, in order to commemorate this international friend who dedicated himself to the cause of Chinese national liberation, the school was named Shijiazhuang Ke Yuhua.

• In the medical school, Ms. Guo Qinglan, the wife of Dr. Ke Weihua, became the honorary dean. Former Mr. Hu Bangzhong, political commissar of the Beijing Military Region Military Medical Research Institute.

• The College currently offers two majors: Nursing and Community Medicine. Each major has two levels of junior college and secondary school. The nursing profession is divided into

• English nursing, Chinese medicine nursing three disciplines. There are 146 faculty members, including 46 professors and 38 lecturers. The school covers an area of 70,000. Square meters, construction area of 30,000 square meters. There are currently 7132 students in the school. The exploration in the past 15 years has made us clear the direction of running a school, that is, not taking the rules.

• The college has gradually formed a cohesive management team, combining age, middle, and youth, and academic rash.

• Scholars account for 10%, masters account for 20%, and colleges and universities account for 70%. Our mission is to: "The image of the tree angel, the hard skills, the heat Love, serve the military and civilians. Under the leadership of the new management team, the future will open up and re-cast brilliant.

In Films

• The story of his life was the subject of a Hindi film with the title Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani (1946, English: The Immortal Story of Dr. Kotnis), scripted by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, and directed by V. Shantaram, who also portrayed Kotnis in the film.

• His life was also the subject of a Chinese film Ke Dì Huá Dài Fu (1982, Dr. D.S. Kotnis), with a screenplay by Huang Zongjiang.

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Books on Dr. Kotnis

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